Ansible Automation in the Workplace






Virtual Event

Code Republic is a space for ambitious individuals working in software engineering, DevOps, Cloud, SRE and other technologies to learn from, share knowledge and collaborate with their peers.

Our monthly Lunch & Learn series is an online workshop-style event providing you with the opportunity to learn about both upcoming and existing technologies from like-minded professionals in the space.

For the very first in our Lunch & Learn series, we were joined by DevOps Architect, Heiko Borchers!

As part of his Lunch & Learn, Heiko discussed all things ansible – he talked about ansible itself, why especially right now someone should use it, and what other systems exist.

The format of our 1-hour Lunch & Learn events normally includes a demo or in-depth talk on a specific technology or product, followed by a Q&A session and the chance to network with your peers.

Get in touch if you have any ideas for talks or would like to run one of our future Lunch & Learn sessions – we’re especially keen to hear from you!