Miro Berlin Offices, Warschauer Pl. 11-13 Warschauer Platz 11-13 10245 Berlin Germany

Join us on Wednesday 23rd November in partnership with Miro, the number 1 visual Collaboration Platform on G2. We’re joined by two incredible technologists who will share their thoughts and experiences as part of our first in-person event of 2022!


6pm – Eat, Drink and network

6:30pm – 1st Speaker –Stefano Baldan who will speak about the dependency injection:

“Inversion of control – unchain your code!”

Inversion of control is a very powerful programming principle and software design pattern. If used properly, it reduces the coupling among the different parts of our systems, allowing us to design and build solutions that are more flexible, scalable, maintainable, and testable. Let’s free our code from the chains of dependencies, and unleash its full potential!

7pm – 2nd Speaker – Vadim Makeev will speak about “HTML: the good parts”.

The best and the most valuable parts of HTML from the practical point of view: what spec to read and how to read it, streaming and rendering in browsers, elements nesting rules and possible problems, the most critical structural and content elements, new and less known attributes, tools for validation and minification, ways to extend HTML.

7:30pm – Eat, drink and Network

8pm – Stanimir Stoychev is speaking about Data, React, and Server Components. The future?

This will be a code-along kind of a talk. During it, I will “transform” a NextJS 12 to a NeXTs 13 app. In the process I will show and explain how server components are the potential future of how our react apps will handle data.

8:30pm – Eat, drink and Network

Location: Warschauer Pl. 11-13 Warschauer Platz 11-13 10245 Berlin Germany

VENUE INFORMATION: Based in Miro’s berlin office

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