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Code Republic is committed to bringing together and fostering the development of software engineers and as part of the community we’ve created a private Discord channel.

This channel is a space for you to share innovative ideas, ask and provide solutions to your peers questions, and perhaps most importantly, build relationships with other engineers across the UK, Europe and the US.

Roundtable events

CTO Roundtable

Leadership Styles for Diverse Teams

29 April 2022: The focus of this meetup was to discuss top tips and actionable advice around implementing effective leadership styles to encourage a successful and diverse engineering team.

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Transformation Programmes

10 March 2022: In our most recent CTO Roundtable, the question posed to the group was; what are the essential aspects of a transformation programme that ensures it keeps moving at pace?

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Breaking Down the Wall Between Tech & Business

28 October 2021: In October we bought everyone round the (virtual) table again, this time to discuss how to break down the wall that can exist between agile tech teams and a business. 

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Rise of the CPTO

As the role of CPTO becomes more prevalent, is there an expectation for technology to encompass product?

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The CTO’s Role in Securing Funding and Investment

27 May 2021: For our most recent CTO Roundtable we discussed the role of the CTO in securing funding and maintaining a healthy investor relationship. As part of the event we covered topics around getting your pitch deck seen, choosing the right investor and due diligence.

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Using Data & Product to Drive & Scale an Organisation

8 April 2021: For this Engineering Leadership Roundtable we decided to do something a little different; instead of having a specific speaker, we wanted this event to be more of an open discussion about the topic – Using Product & Data to Build & Scale an Organisation

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Managing Teams In An Agile Environment

24 March 2021: The round table gathered participants with different backgrounds and from different industries yet with relevancy in the agile leadership arena which was the focus of the open discussion.

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